Top reasons to invest in a premium foldable bike


Often, buying a quality product can enhance the experience that you have with said product and expand the ways that you use and enjoy it. While this is true of many items, a premium foldable bike is a huge advantage over other alternative products for a myriad of reasons. To understand why it is important to look at the bicycle in its normal and primitive state so that the enhances that are associated with a premium foldable bike become more obvious.

How does a Typical Bike Function?

The typical bike rider will use a bike in the following manner. They will store their bike in their garage or apartment and either take it down a flight of stairs if they live in an urban space or clutter up garage space. The standard bike is typically heavy and cumbersome to carry and often one is bumping into walls or staircases as they traverse down the hallway. They will then use their vehicle to ride to whatever their destination is, possibly storing it with a bike lock once they arrive at work or the store they are visiting, and ride back only to return the vehicle to the same spot they stored it previously. While nothing is inherently wrong with this process, and riding any bike is great exercise and a lot of fun, there are many ways to improve on the experience significantly.

Foldable Bikes

A foldable bike adds some benefits over the typical bike. It is easier to store and does so neatly in a corner of a garage or in an apartment. The presence of a foldable bike will clear some valuable real estate from your home or garage and pay real dividends in the process. Further, when you arrive at a destination instead of locking up your bike you can keep it at your destination if it folds neatly and avoid the risk of theft or loss that could occur as a result.

Premium bikes

Premium bikes have some notable advantages over standard issue bikes. The first is that the materials that they use are lighter and made from stronger materials that make them both more durable and also easier to carry. This has advantages when you are locking up a bike or keeping it inside, as well as when you are looking to use your bicycle for long distance trips and may need to tie it to the roof of your vehicle in the process.


Premium foldable bikes are long-lasting, easy to store, and are stronger and lighter than the typical bike. While these benefits may seem modest on paper, in practice they are significant and yield some big advantages over the typical bike for transport.