The History Of The 22 Mag Rifle And Its Advantages


What Is The 22 Mag Rifle

The .22 mag rifle was created by Winchester back in 1959 but the rifle was not actually put on the market until 1960. The .22 mag rifle is an extremely powerful rifle that is operated with a more powerful cartridge than other Winchester rifles. Winchester had to make improvements to the chambers of their rifles before the first .22 rifle which was called the Marlin Levermatic could be sold. The .22 mag rifle is a longer and more improved version of the older .22 Winchester rifle. It uses a larger case than the conventional .22 long rifle. The bullets and the way the gun is loaded is different from the older .22 long rifle to the current version of the .22 mag rifle. The bullets for the original .22 Winchester rifle was 40 grains in weight and they are able to travel 2000 feet per second. The bullets for the recent model of the .22 mag rifle are 50 grains in weight and can travel 1530 feet per second. There is an alternate bullet for the weapon that weighs 30 grains and these bullets travel 2200 feet per second.

The Advantages Of Owning A .22 Mag Rifle

The .22 mag rifle seems to be the ideal hunting rifle for the everyday American. The rifles strong suit is to help land and homeowners to rid their property of different types of varmints, predators, and pests. This rifle is very efficient and accurate when it is being used between one and 150 yards. The .22 mag rifle has almost no recoil and this makes it perfect to be used multiple times throughout the day. The .22 mag rifle is perfect for eliminating varmints such as ground squirrels and prairie dogs without leaving any side effects of shooter fatigue. Another advantage of using the .22 mag rifle is that when the rifle is discharged it does not have a loud sound where it will bother your neighbors or startle any type of livestock. The rifle can also use multiple different types of ammunition an ammunition is very affordable.

Other advantages associated with a .22 mag rifle is it is low cost (many owner of big stores like those from Adventure Footstep LLC and many more agree), extremely accurate, has very good terminal ballistics , and uses no lead exposed bullets. The .22 mag rifle has an extremely long history here in the United States and it was manufactured by one of the most successful gun manufacturers in the world Winchester. The gun is very useful when it comes to farmers, landowners, and homeowners trying to rid their property of pests and varmints. It is highly recommended because when it is discharged it will not disturb neighbors or livestock. The .22 mag rifle has been used for many decades here in the United States and that will surely not be changing anytime soon.