Comparison of free music sites like Spotify, Napster and others.



Napster in its inception this was a music streaming and sharing site. Initially, this digital music streaming sites was deemed a monster digital music thief, but this transitional free music sharing site was actually the initial music sharing site that began the wave of sites of this type. Napster ushered in the release of the stranglehold that music labels had over musicians and the listening public. Although in the beginning, musicians hated Napster, they realized that it actually placed the ability to present themselves and their music to the public without giving vast amounts of the revenue to the labels. After Napster settled for billions in the lawsuits that the industry placed upon them, their inventors went on to other ventures like Facebook.


Spotify is a digital music streaming website that is designed surrounding the idea that musicians can present themselves and then share their music with a fanbase generated by members that also utilize the site to listen to music for free in most cases. Although this and other music sharing and digital streaming sites do have platforms that can be purchased to provide a more personalized in-depth listening experience. However, Spotify is sometimes difficult to set up for and utilize for non-paying music listeners, and although it had a great run in the beginning, there are other sites that have better systems for free digital platform music listening and free music download.


Pandora is one of the sites that features a pay system for free music listening that has transformed the digital music streaming industry, and it is also been one of the most utilized and enduring of free music digital streaming sites because of the features available for free listening are pretty outstanding. However, they do have a tiered paying system for an even better music listening experience, but their free service is more than adequate and better than many free digital music streaming site’s pay services.

Pandora allows listeners to set up their own radio stations based on preferences and named for artists, types of music and also personal preferences. This means that my favorite singer’s songs will be played, but also music along the same style and genres to generate a listening service that automatically plays listeners preferences. The radio station set up on Pandora would be named for this singer, and a person would be able to return to this station because it is recorded on the site. This system is what has propelled Pandora into the top shelf of free music sharing and listening. Since its inception, Pandora has become a staple of free music listening and even in the digital music sharing realm.