4 reasons why Cyberpunk 2077 is likely to meet and exceed its hype


If you have heard anything at all about the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077, you have probably heard it is being hyped as the best game of 2020. Even though it is still five months before the game is due to be released.


Is this hype accurate, and is Cyberpunk 2077 a game you should be hyped to play? These four reasons why the hype is real will likely convince you to not only pre-order the game, but also to be desperately waiting for its release on the cdkeysforgames cyberpunk 2077 page.


After all, it is more likely to not only be the game of the year but also the game of the decade.


Quests can be approached in a myriad of ways — Unlike in most RPGs, where a quest is offered, the player accepts it and then the quest has to be carried out in a certain way, in Cyberpunk 2077 quests can be done in a way that fits your gameplay.


They can also be altered mid-way through to take them in a different direction, just like they would be in real life. This gives unprecedented freedom to the player and allows them to do things in-game they have never been able to do before.


Killing is optionall — Unlike in other RPGs, killing is optional in Cyberpunk 2077. This allows those players that detest killing other characters a way to play and enjoy the game, just like those who do want to participate in murdering Cyberpunk 2077 characters for fun.


This is often done with the feature of ‘hacking’, which allows the game’s main character to hack other in-game characters and destroy their ability to win that way.


Graphics and animation are phenomenal — From previews of Cyberpunk 2077 showed at game shows around Europe this year, it seems likely the game’s graphics and animation are beyond anything seen in video games before.


As this level of polish in a game usually results in the game being named Game of the Year, it is highly likely this could be the outcome for Cyberpunk 2077 as well.


After all, Cyberpunk 2077’s developer CD Projekt Red has spent eight years developing and refining the game, its graphics and its gameplay, without rushing to get it onto store shelves.


Keanu Reeves — Finally, Keanu Reeves is featured in Cyberpunk 2077 throughout, and he is the charismatic Keanu Reeves millions of people have loved since his days in the films The Matrix and John Wick.


While Reeves’ inclusion is not a reason to pre-order or buy the game, it is something that is generating hype for Cyberpunk 2077 and just one of many reasons millions of gamers are interested in playing the game.

Tips for Gaining Subscribers on Your YouTube Vlog


Having a YouTube channel of your own needs an effort, to be able to entertain your subscribers and keep the content not just trendy but unique. Running a successful vlog is no lesser than direct a low budget film. With the trending needs of being visually fun on the internet vloggers have great pressure to get more subscribers and here is how to get that started.

Be consistent

Being an entertainer on the web for a long period of time requires giving your viewers something to constantly look forward to. The content should be planned in terms of weeks and you should be consistently able to provide new content at least every week.

Quality over quantity

Before you actually take the load of entertaining people on internet, keep in mind that you do need equipment that provides you to compete with everyone else on the web. Once you have invested enough to provide quality videos for your channel you can easily focus on the content.

Write a script for your Vlog

Never make a mistake of going unplanned on the web, always prepare a copy of a script making obvious of the whole theme with what you want to say through your videos. Stick to the theme you have in mind because you don’t want to have a diversified image of who you are to your viewers.

Catchy titles are essential

Titles are like the first impression towards your vlog, it is equally important to give catchy titles to your videos and being able to stick to the theme of your vlog at the same time providing attractive thumbnails too. Also keep in mind that if you begin to fish views through click bait, people will begin to have a wrong idea about your vlog. It is important to keep it interesting while keeping it real as well.

Social media marketing

Marketing your videos on social media is very important. People are always on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat etc. if they find links to your videos on newsfeed they are more likely to visit your channel too. Also make sure you provide extra content on your Facebook page to keep your subscribers updated of what is coming.

Time limit your videos

When people are watching something on YouTube for entertainment they still don’t want lengthy content that is consuming all their time. Keep a target time of how long you are able to keep your videos fun. Make sure you keep each minute of it entertaining, if you are able to keep them on your channel for a good period of time make sure you maintain that for all your videos so viewers know what to expect when they visit your channel.

Add graphics to your subscribe button

If you want viewers to subscribe to your channel make sure you keep reminding them to subscribe and support you. Along with that provide easy graphics towards your subscribe button so it keeps reminding the viewers to subscribe.

The Art of Cosplaying


Cosplaying is not as simple as the trend seems to be. It is an art that begins with understanding the character and really being a part of the fandom. It doesn’t just require dressing up in the facade of a character but being able to actually represent it truly. People are really sensitive about their love towards a character and a true cosplayer respects that sensitivity by being exactly as the character is in reality. The art of cosplaying is to be very careful with details of the character’s costume, its personality traits, and the accent.

Virtual Reality is more than a form of Entertainment

digital visualization of crystal ball

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional computer generated visual effect. It uses almost all the senses of a human being to provide entertainment, the sight, the touch and the hearing. It is popularly used in the environment of video games and cinematic views but it is far more than just for entertainment.  Virtual reality is being used for people with the disabilities like it is being used in the therapy of PTSD, individuals who tend to suffer from motion sickness and distracting people with acute pain into changing their surrounding into preferable ones.