Why is the mobile game “Episode” so popular?


If you are looking for a new, challenging mobile game to play, and have not yet played the game Episode, this game is probably the first one you should check out.

Not only is Episode one of the most popular mobile games of both last year and this, but it has tens of thousands of new players registering and playing it every month as well. If you check out youtube, there are lots of INCREDIBLY entertaining videos of tubers trying out Episode, some are absolutely hilarious, for example:

But what exactly is Episode? — It is a choose your own story game, which allows players to start one of hundreds of thousands of stories and then play that story through to the end.

As the player plays, they choose different actions for their character that dictate how the game ends. This gives each story unlimited playability as well as, with different choices, the game will end differently every time.

Why is the game Episode so popular? — With hundreds of thousands of stories to play through, there is never a chance of becoming bored. As you can also design your character from the ground up before you begin to play, players feel invested in the story and the outcome of it.

With unlimited choices for your character, you can also design the gameplay exactly as you like. This makes it feel as though you are actually that character and what is happening in the story is happening to you.

There are also many genres of story so, whether you like romance, adventure, drama or even a little bit of horror, you will find stories you will love on Episode.

Finally, you can play the game as fast or as slow as you like. If you want to play it faster and get to the story conclusion quicker, you can buy gems and passes that will allow you to choose events quicker. But there are also ways to get free episode passes and episode gems.

If you do not want to spend money on the game, you can just watch the advertisements, and wait for the game to give you free gems every day that you play it.

This means Episode can be played by people with plenty of disposable cash as well as by those that do not normally spend money on games.

Buying gems — For those who do buy gems, there are two ways you can do that.


You can choose to buy the gems directly through the Episode app, but these are the higher priced gems. Or you can decide to pay an online gem generator to generate the exact number of gems you need for the events you want to buy.

While the second way of buying gems is not authorized by the Episode developers, it has become the route many Episode players take as they can get unlimited gems for a low price this way.