Same Day Sticker Printing?


If you will be using custom stickers to market your business, you probably want to have them printed as quickly as possible. That way you can get started sticking them on brochures, backpacks, laptop covers and packages, and promoting your business as quickly as you can.

The problem comes in when you realize ordering stickers can sometimes take a week or more from placing the order to receiving the finished product. Unless, of course, you order from a company offering same day sticker printing.

What is same day sticker printing? — Just as it sounds, this is ordering stickers from a company that can take your order in the morning and print the stickers for you by the end of the day. If you need stickers quickly for either a late project, or for a marketing project that you quickly want to get off the ground, this is the way to do it.

What type of stickers can you get with same day sticker printing? — Most businesses offering same day sticker printing have full service options that go with it.

These will usually be gloss, semi-gloss or matte stickers. They will be available in a variety of sizes and colors and, if you want a cool design, you will be able to order that as well.

Stickers will usually be available in circular form, or as squares or rectangles. They will also be scored so that peeling the back off each sticker is fast and easy.

High quality stickers — Most companies offering same day sticker printing also offer high quality products. That will generally mean the stickers you order and receive will be just as high quality as any you have ordered in the past. The only difference will be the speed of printing.

The only drawback to ordering same day sticker printing is that you will not usually be able to order unique, custom designed stickers. Other than that, though, any stickers you buy through this process are likely to be high quality and perfect for any marketing campaign you are planning on using them for. For more information, see where to print stickers in Vancouver.

Promote your Vancouver Business with Custom Stickers!


Custom printed stickers are a great choice for those who just loves stickers overall, or for those that are trying to promote something. There are several benefits on using custom printed stickers, and here are a few reasons they should be used.

Custom Printed Stickers Used For Promoting A Business

For those who are opening a business in Vancouver or any other state, or already have one running, custom printed stickers are a great choice for promoting. Nowadays, stickers are popular to use for advertising. You can make small or large custom printed stickers, and use these stickers outside of your place of business on the window to show what your company is promoting inside, along with showing what type of sales are available in your store. This will definitely draw attention to those who are outside, and attract customer’s inside of your store. You can check out prices at Vancouver Sticker Printing.

Custom Made Stickers Are Good For Decorations

For those who want to add a touch to their home or place of business, these custom made stickers are a great choice to add some color and attention. For those who run a business and have a wall that has no decorations or designs, this can provide a negative outlook on customer’s that are shopping in your store. You should add custom made stickers speaking about the logo of your company, or speaking about specific sales or promotions you carry in your business. This will help sell your products, along with helping add color to the interior of your company. For those who are on a tight budget, this is also a cheap alternative because stickers are cheap to buy in bulk.

Use Stickers As A Thank You

For those who are running a business, handing stickers out to customer’s is a show for appreciation towards those who purchase something in your store. This gives them something to remember your company for, and is a great way of telling them “thank you” for shopping in your store. This sticker is great because then they can use this to place on their mirror, wall, or anywhere specific they would like to stick this and provide them a memory of your company which can attract them back to your store again. Depending on what your write on each sticker that you give to your customer, this also helps build a relationship with them on spreading the word about your company. These are always great to hand out to each customer that walks in and walks out of your store, as a way of showing how much you really care about them and their company.

Promoting School Or Nonprofit Organizations

If you have any fundraisers or non profit organizations you need support in, custom made stickers are a great choice on spreading this information. You can use these stickers and help hand these out to show what you are trying to sell, in a colorful and pretty design using these. These are great to use for schools and are a fun way to to involve specific fans and help encourage support for your school.

Tips for Gaining Subscribers on Your YouTube Vlog


Having a YouTube channel of your own needs an effort, to be able to entertain your subscribers and keep the content not just trendy but unique. Running a successful vlog is no lesser than direct a low budget film. With the trending needs of being visually fun on the internet vloggers have great pressure to get more subscribers and here is how to get that started.

Be consistent

Being an entertainer on the web for a long period of time requires giving your viewers something to constantly look forward to. The content should be planned in terms of weeks and you should be consistently able to provide new content at least every week.

Quality over quantity

Before you actually take the load of entertaining people on internet, keep in mind that you do need equipment that provides you to compete with everyone else on the web. Once you have invested enough to provide quality videos for your channel you can easily focus on the content.

Write a script for your Vlog

Never make a mistake of going unplanned on the web, always prepare a copy of a script making obvious of the whole theme with what you want to say through your videos. Stick to the theme you have in mind because you don’t want to have a diversified image of who you are to your viewers.

Catchy titles are essential

Titles are like the first impression towards your vlog, it is equally important to give catchy titles to your videos and being able to stick to the theme of your vlog at the same time providing attractive thumbnails too. Also keep in mind that if you begin to fish views through click bait, people will begin to have a wrong idea about your vlog. It is important to keep it interesting while keeping it real as well.

Social media marketing

Marketing your videos on social media is very important. People are always on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat etc. if they find links to your videos on newsfeed they are more likely to visit your channel too. Also make sure you provide extra content on your Facebook page to keep your subscribers updated of what is coming.

Time limit your videos

When people are watching something on YouTube for entertainment they still don’t want lengthy content that is consuming all their time. Keep a target time of how long you are able to keep your videos fun. Make sure you keep each minute of it entertaining, if you are able to keep them on your channel for a good period of time make sure you maintain that for all your videos so viewers know what to expect when they visit your channel.

Add graphics to your subscribe button

If you want viewers to subscribe to your channel make sure you keep reminding them to subscribe and support you. Along with that provide easy graphics towards your subscribe button so it keeps reminding the viewers to subscribe.

The Art of Cosplaying


Cosplaying is not as simple as the trend seems to be. It is an art that begins with understanding the character and really being a part of the fandom. It doesn’t just require dressing up in the facade of a character but being able to actually represent it truly. People are really sensitive about their love towards a character and a true cosplayer respects that sensitivity by being exactly as the character is in reality. The art of cosplaying is to be very careful with details of the character’s costume, its personality traits, and the accent.

Virtual Reality is more than a form of Entertainment

digital visualization of crystal ball

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional computer generated visual effect. It uses almost all the senses of a human being to provide entertainment, the sight, the touch and the hearing. It is popularly used in the environment of video games and cinematic views but it is far more than just for entertainment.  Virtual reality is being used for people with the disabilities like it is being used in the therapy of PTSD, individuals who tend to suffer from motion sickness and distracting people with acute pain into changing their surrounding into preferable ones.